Bringing Edge to Local Telco: FINSI

In an effort to cater to more industries, Asticom Technology Inc, Philippine-based shared services company, launched two more subsidiaries last 2021. Through the inceptions of ABSI and FINSI, along with the acquisition of HCX. Each subsidiary functions differently and offers several services ranging from general services to IT, HR, engineering, and logistics.


FINSI, which stands for Fiber Infrastructure and Network Services Inc., is the Engineering and Tech Solutions wing of the Asticom Group of Companies. FINSI provides customers with simple and effective technology solutions that add real value to their businesses. Their services include end-to-end services and industry solutions, specializing in the fields of telco, energy, infrastructure, to name a few.


FINSI also offers other tech support such as Project Management & Implementation, Network and Infrastructure Management, and Quality and Safety Management and Assurance. They also provide Consulting services to their clients.


In order to create innovative solutions for businesses, FINSI fosters a culture of engagement and develops customer-centric people to drive its team. FINSI has several hubs in places such as Carmona and Pasay, with their main office located at Mandaluyong, they maximized this opportunity and was able to build 124,240 fiber lines up to date.


To motivate its people, FINSI makes sure to engage team with employee activities such as training programs to improve their hard and soft skills, as well as conducting fun activities such as team building to promote an environment that makes its people comfortable to work in.


Simply put, more than serving other businesses, FINSI also serves its people. It encourages harmonious relationships among employees and upskills to their full potential. This is evident with Vin Macanas, SAQ/Permitting Lead at FINSI, as she shares:


“FINSI has played a vital role in my career in terms of values, knowledge and growth. The challenges I’ve experienced as well as the people that surround me who believe and give their untiring support made me more passionate about my work.”


With a passionate and motivated team, FINSI’s desire of becoming the leading local solutions provider for telco and technology industries is becoming more of a milestone waiting to happen, rather than a far-fetched dream.


To know more about FINSI and their services, head on over to FINSI’s website and Facebook. For interested applicants, you can send your resume/CV to!


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