Full Time or Gig? Asticom Wants to Offer Pinoys Non-traditional Job Options

The Asticom Group of Companies is looking to offer employment beyond regular full-time jobs, mindful that Filipinos may want to see more work options adapted to their preferences.


The shared services group, a wholly-owned Globe subsidiary, is committed to providing new employment opportunities in the next five years as the country slowly recovers from the impact of the pandemic.


Mharicar Castillo-Reyes, Asticom President and CEO, said there are many opportunities present, especially in information technology.  It is only a matter of finding non-traditional approaches in acquiring, developing, and retaining talent, she said.


“Our goal is to provide essential opportunities and jobs to our fellow Filipinos.  We’re looking at different ways of engaging them- whether they prefer to be a part-time or full-time employee or a gigster.  Or they may just want to work on a per-project basis,” said Reyes at a recent media roundtable.


Having started as a staffing company, Asticom has a wealth of experience getting and honing talents. During the height of the global health crisis, when everything was on lockdown, the company had to shift and re-skill its people so they could bounce back.


“Even beyond the pandemic, it is the right strategy to pursue upskilling and moving people from one role to another,” she said.


Asticom’s subsidiary, Asti Business Services Inc. (ABSI), a business process solutions company, said they continuously hire people based on increasing demand from clients for a multitude of projects.


Although it typically takes months or years for new hires to become highly skilled or productive, ABSI is still determined to build talent and create programs to help augment their capability and skill set.


“There are a lot of opportunities in ABSI, whether they want a career shift or change, or to only work on some projects.  And we are committed to helping build talent through capability-building programs that we currently have,” said Melissa Tecson, ABSI General Manager.


Creating new employment opportunities supports Globe’s sustainability practice aligned with the UN Global Compact, which seeks to contribute to overall national development.


On the other hand, logistics solutions provider BRAD and engineering solutions company FINSI, both Asticom subsidiaries, said they are expanding aggressively this year in terms of coverage. The move is expected to bring more jobs, especially outside Metro Manila.


“There were a lot of people that got displaced during the pandemic.  We’re opening our doors to give them another chance to get back on their feet,” said Richie Santos, BRAD General Manager.


“FINSI strives to highlight the importance of infrastructure and telecommunications in the country. We aim to build more fiber lines and provide service to several areas later this year, while doing so we aim to generate many more jobs beyond Luzon,” said Marc Kerveillant, FINSI General Manager.


Based on the January 2022 Philippine Statistics Authority Labor Force Survey, the Philippine unemployment rate was at 6.4% or about 2.93 million Filipinos, while the underemployment rate was at 14.9% or 6.4 million people, just as the country emerged from the dragging effects of the pandemic.

To learn more about Asticom, visit www.asticom.com.ph.


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